Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The theme for this week

Because the weather has been so gorgeous it is time to get out into the garden and start moving that soil. I am choosing the theme of gardens/bugs/backyards for this week visit together. You cannot believe the buzz and excitement that is in your backyard. You can play in it, dig in it, sunbathe in it or just sit and relax in it. Backyards are places of wonder and awe. You need to get your kids and discover, create, and be inspired by the great outdoors. You must mentor your kids on the state of their environment and what they can do engage in it's development and care. Come along with me and let's uncover this natural beauty that is ours to enjoy. It will be a gift that your child/children will keep forever. As you indulge, teach your child to indulge. Fresh air, soil, planting, harvesting, reaping what you sew is a magnificent experience. Get on your old shoes, your old jeans and t-shirts, don a floppy hat, spray yourself with sunscreen and let's go. Meet you in the backyard tomorrow. Blessings to you. Be prepared to read as you encounter your "ground" zero.
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