Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Exam time

If you have older children they can be going through stressful times because of exams at school. Be sure to help them through these times by adhering to some simple rules. Bedtime curfews are critical. They need to have a good night's sleep before the exam. Eating properly also is very important. Have them eat nutritional food (especially a hearty breakfast) before they strike out to write that exam. Be positive and encouraging as they prepare to write. If they need help with organizing, need a study buddy, or need a listening ear to lament that person to them. Make sure all their school supplies are ready to go the night before the exam. Sharpen pencils, check the pens and calculators, erasers etc. Everything needs to be ready and accessible. If they have to turn in a textbook for the course, post exam, be sure to have it included in their backpack. Never leave your children unattended for long periods of time. Check on them, ask if you can be of help, monitor their progress, bring them little treats to snack on as they bury themselves in the books. Most importantly pray for your children. Ask for wisdom, favour and a clear/focused mind as they put pen to paper.
If you experience their "pain" in this process with them it will help them succeed, Better yet it will create a wonderful memory for them to pass on when they become parents themselves. Read on.
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