Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tips for studying and reviewing....

When reviewing plan a backwards review, beginning with the most recent topics and working backwards so that you are reviewing the most distant topic closest to the exam. Plan a complete review of all topics closest to the exam. Pull out all your tests and use them as a study guide. Keep your review notes organized - use hi-lighters, clouds etc. Memory pegs.

How to review:
Be consciously active in your review. In subjects like math, the absolutely most important way to review is to DO questions. Your best source of questions is your old tests. Reading about "how" to do them is worse than useless unless you actively try to do questions on your own. Summary pages may be important but should only occupy a very small fraction of your time. In subjects like history, jot down key ideas as you read. In science, combine all the above techniques. In all subjects, your old tests give you the best indicaation of what your teacher will be looking for in the examination.

Clearly mark areas of difficulty so you can ask your teacher, a tutor, your parents or friends.

More tips to follow tomorrow. Read on.
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