Thursday, June 16, 2011

A fun thing to share

This morning while munching on my Cheerios I remembered a game that I want to share with you. When your cereal box is empty take the title "Cheerios", cut it out and put it in a special little box to help with your child's reading skills. For the next few weeks start collecting names of products. You can cut off the name "Starbucks", or "Tim Hortons", "McDonald's", "Jolly Green Giant", "Hot Chocolate," anything that your family uses. Take these names and place them in that special box. You can include a stop sign, the name of your street, anything you want that is familiar to your child's world. When you have some time, grab your little box, take the labels out and have your child read the words back to you. You will be surprised how many of these names will be familiar to your non-reading child. He/she can play with the words or write them on some paper if they are at that stage. You can even take your special box in the car and see if your child can recognize those words from the back seat on your travels. It can also accompany you to the grocery store and while your child is in the cart have them match their words to the products on the shelf. It is a fun, inexpensive reading lessons that is both fun and lucrative. Read on.
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