Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy weekend to you...

Tomorrow is Saturday and that means a rest for the whole family! Weekends are the time to slow down, read what you want and model how important it is to read recreationally. It can be a time for a library visit to get every family member his/her own card. It can be a time to visit a local bookstore to browse and buy a new storybook. Another great thing to do is pack everyone in the van or car and go check out some Saturday morning garage sales. Often you find tons of kid's books for sale at a very good price. Find pauses and gaps in your weekend that make perfect moments to take out a book and read. Talk about what each person is reading, read excerpts aloud to each other and discuss what you liked best in your books. Book experiences are very social and can be woven into your daily life very normally and easily. Book -it-up this weekend and be sure to read on!
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