Friday, June 24, 2011

Last tips on studying for your tests/exams

Try to stick to a plan or schedule when you study. After a good study session incorporate a past-time treat or break. If you are older and have a cell phone leave it in another room or use your answering service and call people back when you check it out. Be careful if studying in a group that you are getting a lot done for yourself.
Everyone feels anxiety and stress at exam time, that is normal. If you have studied hard for your test just keep reminding yourself that you can do it. Consider this an opportunity to demonstrate everything you know.

Taking the test/exam:

* have extra supplies on hand ie extra sharpened pencils etc. if your original one breaks so it won't throw you off
* do easy questions first
*cut your loses - if you don't get it move on, put a mark beside it to remember to come back to it at the end if you have time
*check your paper over at the end to make sure all your questions are answered and add pertinent info if you can

After the exam/tests don't shelve your books. Over your vacation try to spend 1-2 hours out of two weeks making sure are collected, corrected in different coloured ink, and if you still "get" the concept.

Everyone wants you to succeed and you can do it!
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