Saturday, June 11, 2011

Highly recommended "go out and play" books for you

Title: Acka Backa Boo!
Author: Opal Dunn
Illustrator: Susan Winter

Opal Dunn is an early language specialist who is very proficient in early language development. She lives in London, England and has many other great books to her credit. In this book we learn that kids + games = learning. All around the world kids sing, play, chant and are engaged in what kids do best... and that is get involved in a good game. Games boost our language efficiency and certainly help out with our badly needed people skills. By playing games we learn to take turns, co-operate with others, and discover what it is to win and lose at something. This books is a wonderful collection of games from United States, Europe, Asia and Africa. It is important to teach our kids about diversity and that games are universal. Read on.
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