Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday-the day to read together

Traveling today? Going to the beach or park? Heading on over to see grandma and grandpa? This is the perfect day to sneak some unscheduled time into reading together. Make sure you have a special little "travel" bag that you pack full of good picture books for everyone to enjoy!
As you are heading out the door be sure to throw that little bag into the car so you have it at your disposal at all times. If you are on the road...guess what? you can read to each other. If you are casually walking to the park...guess what? you can find a shady tree at break time, sit down, and have a story time. If you are stretched out on the sandy beach...guess what? you can lazily read a book together. Who knows? In a public place you might just draw an audience and have a group story time with all the kids. And the best story time of all is when you arrive at grandma's and grandpa's place. Your child can curl up beside them and read them a story while the meal is being cooked or you are just hanging out on the back porch together in the quiet of the evening.
Make reading an inclusive and natural habit. You are able to read ANYWHERE...even IN the the pool or lake if you have some waterproof books. Get everyone in the family involved so they can talk, share, and encourage each other. Everyone will win. Read on.
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