Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer officially is here....

Although summer officially is here on the calendar a lot of kids are still in school. Here is a fun activity that you can do to expand their thinking and sight vocabulary as the hot, summer months unfold.

Get some blank cards about 8"x 4" either at a school supply shop or buy a big sheet of white bristol board and make them yourself. Get some funky florescent markers with all the hot colours and sit down with your child to create a summer word reading list. Together brainstorm words that pertain only to the summer months. Some of these words can be very personal because your child's experiences and people around him/her will be different from your neighbour's list of words.

Print those words in your very best printing using capitals where they should be. i.e. if you are going on a trip to Ottawa this summer, make sure Ottawa begins with a capital letter. If you are going to visit Mrs. Smith be sure you capitalize the proper words. Copy words that describe summer fun like hit, sizzling, swim, bike, hike, camping, sleepovers, family reunion, Aunt Kate's wedding etc. Make the letters in your words are big so they are easily read. If you are not that proficient at printing you can make up these words on your computer using the simple font so your child has no problem reading them.

After your have created a stack of "summer words" tie them up with a huge florescent bow and make them your child's special summer stash. You can go over the words together. Play games with them together. Hold up a word and have your child make a sentence using that word. If you are busy your child can read the words to another sibling, dad, grandma or even his/her pet or stuffed animals. Keep those words close at hand and use them often for a fun activity. If your child is older you can even go to the dollar store, buy a reasonably priced notebook, and have your child copy the words into that book complete with a picture. Voila...a summer word dictionary. Use your imagination and create your own games to play.
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