Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer breezes are calling....

In the cool of the summer evenings it is fun to take a book walk before bed. Together you and your child could pick a favourite storybook and decide on a destination to park and read it. You could also include a small snack to share with each other. Pack up your "book bag" and head off hand n' hand to maybe a quiet park, a secluded little forest retreat or even a back corner of your lawn. If there is no place to sit and cuddle perhaps you should bring along a blanket to spread out and curl up on. This is the perfect thing to do together. If you truly have an adventurous spirit try this book walk just as it is getting dark and bring along a flashlight to light up your pages. Book walks are exciting and offer a very precious bonding time....you + your child + a good book. Try it soon and make it a habit during the summer months. Read on.
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