Thursday, July 28, 2011

Friday rant one day early......

Being an educator all my life I know that there are many wonderful teachers out there, working hard, with caring hearts and really wanting the kids in their classroom to succeed. I have been a teacher, a principal, am a parent myself so I get all aspects of education. We need to get involved in our kids education and not assume that the "experts" have all the answers. These are your kids and you know them the best. Get involved with their reading skills, volunteer at the school that they attend, encourage their teachers. When you build a positive relationship with your child's teacher only good things can happen. Teachers need positive feedback if they are doing a good job and some kind intervention if they are not. Your child/ the teacher/and you make a winning combo. I have been in the education field for nearly 30 years and I can honestly say I have met only a few teachers who were bad teachers. Educators find themselves trapped by board policies and rules unable to break free and change up those rules. Let's be praying for our children's teachers in the next month before school begins. Let us set time aside to talk to our children about behaviour and what being a good student means. When school begins try to find opportunities to send a note or card of encouragement to the teacher. Your child's teacher will know that you are a caring parent who wants a positive school experience for your child. Also remember not to put down the teacher in front of your child. If problems arise work it out between the adults not involving your child. Be a blessing as this new year unfolds. Work together for the good of your child. Read on.
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