Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Count down to school

Guess what is coming to a neighbourhood near you? School. This is a time when kids start to get anxious and realize that school is looming in their future. This is a time for you to give comfort, assurance and hope that this will be their best school year yet. Take time to discuss school with your kids. Maybe find books that talk about separation from family and friends into the school scene. One such delightful book is called the "Kissing Hand." It is for those first timers who fear the loss of the security of the home and mother. It is truly a delightful book and I highly recommend it to you. It is tender and warms your heart when you read it together with your child. Another book for older kids is called "First Day Jitters". I usually read this book to my second and third grade students on the very first day and they laughed as they could identify with those same feelings that were expressed in the book. Look around and see what other books may be of help to your child regarding this subject. It is a time of change and challenge for not only the kids but for parents and teachers as well. Be assured that you talking about school, giving your child positive input about it and just being there for them will greatly reduce the stress levels that your child may be experiencing. School is awesome and fun. Talk it up. Praise the learning that goes on there. Be a learning cheerleader. School is a place to not only learn but build new friendships while nurturing the old ones. Read on.
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