Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday rant

Today is the last day of summer school. I love the extra chance that our kids have to pull up their marks, fast track for next year or just on top of a subject that they are having trouble with. It is nice to see the dedication (on both teachers and students) of getting up early, doing extra homework and preparations for exams that keep kids involved over the summer months. I was surprised to see the number of kids that attend. God bless the teachers out there making a difference in our kids lives and God bless our kids who know the true value of a good education and make the effort to grit their teeth and up their grades. Summer school may not be that popular with kids but when it is finished they know that their marks and life pathway will be in a better place come September. I appreciate the effort on everyone's part to make summer school a success. I totally was tickled when my own son this morning approached my car with two thumbs up, a huge smile of relief on his face and glorious words..."Mom I passed!" Summer can truly begin in our household to day and for that I am most grateful. Read on.
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