Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Book wisdom passed on...

Always be on the lookout for the best book you've ever read. When you find a "good read" buy two copies. Why? So you can place one in your own best book collection and give one away. Yes, I said find someone and give the book away. Books make an awesome gift for someone or just do it "because"...because you enjoyed the book so much and because you will have someone to share and discuss your book with. It is sad sometimes when we get so excited and into a book and then have no one to talk about it with. Books are social tools. Books encourage conversations, debates and let you pull out truths worthy of sharing with another person. If you find a really awesome kid's book buy an extra one and send one off to grandma's house. When you and your kids go and visit grandma you know that books (and hopefully many other favourites because this is a habitual thing) will be at her house for you to share. Think how pleased and surprised your kids will be when grandma reads their favourite stories to them at bedtime before tucking them in. Also your kids who can read themselves will be happy to pull those books and have some quiet times readng their friends while away from the security and comfort of their own home. Share the wealth....share a book. Read on.
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