Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Things you can bank on...

Boy what a time to be discussing money matters, financial plans and trying to save for the future. When you look around the globe you find almost every country in distress when it comes to employment and keeping their country afloat. I must admit it looks scary out there and sometimes feels quite hopeless. Being the optimist I am I looked around and thought don't give up but get busy and fill our next generation with hope and strategies to be successful and prosperous.
The quote of the day is from Wendell Ford: If information is the currency of democracy, then libraries are the banks. Cool eh?
There are indeed books out there for you to purchase so you can educate your child how to spend, save,invest and donate money. Money is a necessity to live so we must know the strategies to make it work to our advantage and a child is never too young to get a grip on basic principles and put them to use. Some books I researched that will help are:

The Kid"s Money Book: Earning*Saving*Spending*Investing*Donating by Jamie Kyle McGillian

The Prosperity Factor for Canadian Kids by Kelley Keehn

Money Doesn't Grow on Trees by Ellie Kay

Ultimate Kids Money Book by Neale S. Godfrey

Check some out and get started with your little ones. Who knows you may pick up some great tips that you can use yourself. I know I could use some. Read on.
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