Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What's in a name?

Your child's name is very important. The meaning of his/her name can actually be a blessing to that child every time you say it. If you don't know what your child's name means find out. There are hundreds of websites that give a baby name and the origin and meaning of that name. It is good to know. You will find that the adjectives and meaning will actually connect with that little person's appearance and characteristics. Take your child's name and print it neatly on a flashcard. Be sure to make it your mission to have your child recognize and print out his/her name before the school adventure starts. You can also get personalized items such a name on a hat or t-shirt, a drinking cup or glass, or even get a sign for your little one's bedroom door. Splash that name around...maybe purchase a little piece of jewellry with that precious name engraved on it for a Christmas gift. Your child's name will last a lifetime. That name will pass from people's lips until that little one is an old man or woman. It will pass from loved family members, teacher's, employer's and a potential spouse. Think of how many times that name will be uttered in perhaps 80-90 years. Give ownership to that child's name by having him/her know the importance of it. There are kids books around too that underscore how name's originated and why kids are called that particular name. Do some research, be creative and highlight your child's name. Read on.
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