Friday, September 16, 2011

Wrapping up the name theme....Christmas style

Just a wrap-up to the "name" theme to toss out to you. I have been emphasizing how important your child's name and meaning of that name is. I remember when I was younger and used to sing the name game'd shout out the name Mary...and then sing Mary, Mary mo Mary...banana fanna fo fairy...fee fi fo scary...Mary, or something like that. Then you'd shout the next name...Larry...Larry lo Larry...banana fanna fo berry....fee fi for hairy....Larry. Oh you are probably too young to remember but it was a very popular ditty. Everywhere, everyone was singing along and trying to find words to match their names. I challenge you to find that song and start singing it with your kids.
Another fun thing to do before Christmas is upon us is to purchase a personalized storybook for your child where he/she is the star. These books are amazing. There are many websites that offer these and after submitting some info about your child like his name, place where he lives, best friend's names, etc. a complete book is designed making your child the main character. All four of my children own their own personalized book and my son-in-law felt so left out that last year I got him his very own so he would feel special too. His face just lit up when he opened his own book last Christmas. These books are reasonably priced and are a treasure for your child to keep for a lifetime. Names are important. Names are remembered throughout history. When someone's name is uttered you can characterize them immediately. Pick names for your child that impart positive and eternal characteristics. Remember when you call out your child's name all those characteristics abound and you can daily bless your child by just uttering his/her name.
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