Saturday, September 17, 2011

Weekend factoids

1. the more you read with your child the better reader he/she will become
2. cuddling and holding a child while you read enhances the love bond and security bond between you both
3. modeling reading to your child sends them the message that reading is important to you
4. kids need to see meninvolved in their lives read....stories read by daddy/step-daddy/significant other/grandpa are truly meaningful and creat postive, long lasting memories for your child
5. let your child pick out books that they are interested in for you to share...especially good if you go to the library and take out a whole whack (or stack) of books to enjoy
6. for older parents who are stressed that their kids are always on the computer...guess what? they read there too although it is not nearly as effective as reading a good book
7. kids on facebook? twitter? texting?... it is a sign of the times and although there should be boundaries and parental guidelines kids are actually conversing, creating and writing things down. I have to admit the skeletal words,not to mention the terrible spelling is troublesome to this old school teacher, but at least the kids are communicating with letters and sounds. Let's face is here to stay. I kind of reversed it and attempted to learn those scripted words from my kids. It is like learning a whole new technological language. Good to keep up with the youth.
8. reading develops your brain, your imagination and best of all your life.

Read on. Happy Saturday.
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