Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Remembrance Day Part 2

Remembrance Day activities to do with your kids:

1. Rent an age appropriate movie with a "war theme" and watch it together. "Saving Private Ryan" for older viewing audiences is excellent viewing.
2. Attend a Veteran's Day memorial service if you can together and watch the bands/wreath placing etc.

3. Practise the two minutes of silence around your kitchen table after talking about the contributions of the soldiers in the wars

4. Visit a war museum if there is one around your area...there is one in Ottawa

5. Plan to attend the Remembrance Day assembly at your local school if you can

6. Find a cemetery where soldiers are buried and discuss the dates/monuments etc. with your child

7. The internet is full of colouring pages, crafts to make, flags to colour. Print some off for your kids to use. is excellent

8. Print the words out from the poem. "In Flanders Fields" and read it together around your kitchen table as a family. Discuss its meaning.

9. Make sure each member of your family has and wears a poppy to signify knowledge and respect for the veterans and this special day to remember.

There are tons of articles/ clips/ stories/ poems available for you to read and enjoy with your emily.

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