Monday, November 7, 2011

Yahoo Monday....

Want to have fun, save money and get an abundance of books for your kids to read? Well here are a few suggestions for you to check out. Did you know that Winners carry books? Well they do. Go into your local Winners store and shop around until you come to the toy/book section for kids. They have beautiful, current books that are a fraction of the price that local book stores sell the products for. Sometimes the books may have a little scratch or dent but mostly they are in perfect condition. With a little swipe of a cloth this can be the perfect gift to give or the perfect book to bring home for a cozy bedtime story. Another source for value is your local Salvation Army or Value Village stores. I have found so many treasure hidden on their shelves. Books that are in perfect condition for as little as 50 cents each. If you browse these latter places you can also look around and see if there is a toy that can go along with the theme of the book you have chosen. Garage sales in the summer are great finds and of course if you have no money to spend go and use your local library. The books are FREE at the library! You get a card and can borrow a bundle to share with your kids. There is NO excuse not to have books in your home. Books model the love of reading and the opportunity to spend quality time together with your child, engaged in a great story. Do not hesitate. Get going today and start your gathering of great literature to stimulate and teach your child the value of reading. Read on.
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