Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday rant

The ultimate way to help your child with his/her homework is to be present while the work is being done. It is a perfect time for you to help, converse, and give your child the extra encouragement and stimulation that they need to complete the assignments. Kids have a long, busy day and just like you the last thing they want to do at night is sit down and produce two or three more hours of school work. Personally I feel that much of the homework sent home is just busy work and sent to make your child look productive and give the school a good reputation of challenging that child even more. I feel most of the work that needs to be completed should be done in school time, with the teacher present so he/she is available to oversee the problems and convicts that arise from your child.They also are there to praise and encourage as they see improvements and success. Studies have shown that kids who come home "homework free" and have time to explore outside interests, read books that they like and spend quality time with the family fair much better in life. Think how we could impact our world if our kids (us included) were free to enjoy each other, help plan and pack nutritious lunches for next day and actually laugh and read our books together as a family at night. I think the system has it all wrong. Our kids scores are not up, most do not enjoy school and the illiteracy rate/drop out rate is staggering. How wonderful to change that old tired system and actually put together a great plan to make our kid's educational system work. Just saying.....

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