Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Embrace the technology....it's here to stay

Like it or not, agree with it or not, technology is here to stay. Like it or not, agree with it or not kids love the buttons, apps and complexity of running those machines. Let's face it....some kids hate to read books yet you put an iPad in their hands, or a Kindle, or a Kobo and all that changes. While they are surfing, engaging, playing there is reading involved. Even the dreaded texting is a form of words and communication in writing. (don't stress about the abbreviated words and misspellings). We as older adults need to admit, yes indeed, it is now woven into our lifestyles. So how do we handle it?
Well, first of all we need to work with it and not against it. We need to allow our kids to have "air" time and watch them enjoy the pure wonder of what is at their fingertips. There are many, many excellent websites for kids to visit that are informative and yes, educational. There are sites with stories, games, strategies, crafts, everything that would tickle the fancy and interests of your child. It is like everything else in a child's life. The sites need to be monitored and boundaries have to be put into place. Balance of BOTH books and computer time is essential. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water. Don't ban new ideas and innovations just because you are old school and have that passion for the printed word in a book style. Be open, be supportive, be creative. I think one style will feed the other. Words, stories, imagination can be sparked both through great children's literature and online. The best part is great children's literature is embedded in that little machine and you can teach your child how to discover it and bring it into the light. Let your little one's experience technology and have so much fun doing it.
Here are some Christmas websites to get you started. I will add more as the weeks progress towards the big day.

1. northpole.com

2. noradsanta.org

3. officialsantamail.com

4. santaclause.net

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