Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oh what a sight!

Want to have a family night adventure? Prepare to have a wonderful neighbourhood walk to ogle at the festive Christmas lights that adorn the houses that surround you. To set up for the night you need to make a special award with "#1 Christmas pick for lighting in our neighbourhood" written on it. Attach the award to a stick and then gather your little flock of kids (and hubby) and off you meander into the darkness. Take a magical tour of your community - focusing, discussing and finally choosing the number one house that you all agree is the very best decorated. When you have made your choice have someone sneak carefully onto their lawn and place the award. Think of their surprise when they find your prize and do not know who placed it there.
After your judging escapade go home, enjoy hot chocolate, Christmas cookies and then read a book together as a family around the fireplace. Excellent family adventures make excellent family memories.
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