Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How well do you know Christmas?

Mmmmmmm....let me think about that.....let's find out shall we?

Here is a Christmas quiz you can try tonight at the dinner table. Tally your score and dig deep to find the answers you missed. I will publish the answers tomorrow for you to check out. Have fun.

1. What flower is the symbol of Christmas?

2. Whose birthday do we celebrate at Christmas? (the real reason for the holiday)

3. Name five foods that you have for your Christmas dinner. (answers will vary)

4. How many reindeer does Santa have? (name them if you dare)

5. Who is the person who comes into your home on Christmas Eve through the chimney?

6. Where does Santa Claus live?

7. What are Santa's helpers called?

8. What were the names of Jesus's parents?

9. In what city was Jesus born?

10. What was Jesus's bed called?

11. What is shaped like a cone, we decorate it with bulbs and tinsel, put lights on it and place it in our home?

12. Name three songs that we sing at Christmas time?

13. What does every kid wish they could get millions of tucked under the tree?

14. Finish the phrase that Santa shouts on Christmas Eve after all his hard work is done and he is dashing off back to his home...."Merry Christmas to all and to all a _________________."

15. What is the leader of the reindeer pack called?

If you love trivia and quizzes check out: http://hwdyk.com/quiz/m161/a-charlie-brown-christmas

Have fun and puzzle on. :)

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