Monday, December 19, 2011

The taste of Christmas

One evening gather the family all around for a fun night in the kitchen. Pull out and choose an easy recipe to prepare and share together. Make sure you add ambiance by playing Christmas music and lighting up your Christmas tree. Let your children help organize the bowls, pans, spoons and watch you turn on the oven to heat to the appropriate temperature. They will love taking turns reading out the ingredients and then measuring them while placing them in a big bowl. Allow them to dump, stir and yes (taste) some of the batter before you make it into Christmas masterpieces fit for the oven. Kids love to ice and sprinkle colourful splashes on food so let them fly with it. I usually go over to The Bulk Barn and grab a stash of edible Christmas decorations to add to the cookies or squares that we are making. It seems that more is better when it comes to kids. After the yummy smell permeates the house, the timer chimes, then it is time for your feast. Find a comfy spot and enjoy the fruits (or cookies) of your labour all together as a family unit. You can double or triple the recipes and wrap the extras up to give away to grandma and grandpa, neighbours or someone you know who is or shut in and needs a blessing. The children can wrap these gifts and write out tags to personalize them. Make a memory that you can taste this week.
Eat on.
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