Monday, January 16, 2012

Gotta love Mondays

The best things about Mondays is that there is one in every week. Some people feel so lethargic and unenthusiastic on this day while other jump out of bed to embrace a brand new day and week. It is all in the attitude isn't it? That is exactly the way it is with reading. You can address the fact that you have to read begrudgingly or with real zeal (wow a poem) and purpose. Guess what? How you respond to reading can be transferred to your child and cause him/her to have the exact same attitude. Why not try to embrace each new book with vim, vigour and a great sense of anticipation? When you speak about books get really excited and read the front jack flap to your child (if there is one) or open the book to a random page and find something absolutely fascinating about the colour-scheme, beautiful artwork within or something as mundane as the cool size of the book. Always be positive in your child's presence while referring to the books that you are reading together. Believe me they see your mannerisms, your approach and tone as you reach for a bedtime story to read out loud. Kids love you to dive into a story using different voices for the characters, displaying much silliness and laughing when appropriate, and contemplative pauses to encourage discussion and conversations. If that hasn't been your habit towards these daily reads with your child take this Monday, a new day of the week, to start over and make it a new habit from today on. It is never too late to turn something negative into something positive that will have a lifelong impact on your child's ability to read and succeed in life. Happy Monday and read on.
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