Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sick days of January

I found this cute little book that might help ease anxiety regarding the dreaded flu shots. It may calm some fears if the actual event itself should come and invade your home for a while. Hopefully this book will impart useful information to your child and create soothing conversations regarding the flu protocol in your own home.

Title: Farm Flu
Author: Teresa Bateman
Ages: 3-7

This is a humorous, silly rhyming story of mounting chaos. A mother leaves her son in charge of the farm one day and many animals come down with the flu. Caring for the sick creatures in the manner that he knows his mother would care for him, the book’s refrain is:” But I knew what my mom would do/if it were me who had the flu.” This gives lots of opportunity to discuss what your mom did for you when you had the flu and how your own personal household will handle the dilemma. The boy puts the cow in bed; complete with tissues and alfalfa tea, and pops the piglets in the tub to give them a belly rub. He even makes popcorn for the sick donkey. The pictures are hilarious. When the boy discovers that pampering has its limits and he is being taken advantage of he removes their toys and TV, just as his mother would do, resulting in instant wellness. The little boy finds that after all his nurturing and effort he himself comes down with the flu and well…read it to see what transpires.
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