Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hey it's Saturday....yahoooo

One is never, ever a failure. One is always one step away from success. One must never, ever give up and know there is hope. If your child is not experiencing success with his/her reading do not fret or worry. Different kids turn on the "reading button" at different times. No child is the same as the next. If your child is experiencing difficulty with academics hang in there. YOU could be the key element for success. Always tutor with love and patience. Always reward your child with praise and kind words. Always say," good job, next time you'll get it, I am so proud of you, wow - you're a winner." Reading can be delayed for some. Reading can come wrapped with apprehension and lack of confidence. Reading can be surrounded by ridicule and shame. YOU take the initiative to not let that happen in your home. Make a safe haven where reading is a reward and your child is encouraged and given hope. If your child has trouble then YOU read to her. If your child can not unlock a word in the story....just give him the word. Make reading times together a bonding, loving time and your child will want to experience that feeling of "please mom/dad just one more book, please." Read on and dispense hope to your child today. Enjoy a good book together. Blessings.
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