Sunday, January 29, 2012

soothing Sunday

Sunday is a soothing day. Sunday is a quiet day of rest. It is a day to reflect, relax and regroup. I am so glad that every week has this special day. You need to be still and enjoy the love and companionship of your family. The rest of the week is busy, chaotic and full of schedules. Try to keep Sunday set aside for peace and tranquility purposes. Kids need to slow down and learn to enjoy silence and being alone with a book on their own. Kids need to stop and listen to silence sometimes. It is almost a lost art. When I taught at a private school I would get tired just listening to the schedules my grade 2's on Monday when they returned from their overwhelming, busy weekend. When we teach our kids to quiet themselves, be happy with themselves and live a more simple life guess what? They are more content and able to absorb and engage in things close at hand around them. Make this a life mission. For your health and theirs.....choose to have a soothing Sunday.
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