Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kid's book are for me....

I must admit I have chronic picture book syndrome. I have always loved kid's storybooks. I revel in the texts, the wit, and the brilliant illustrations. Maybe my fondness is due to the fact that I am a true "visual" learner and books are perfect for one so smitten with pictures and images. I have to confess that I still buy myself picture books - no, not for my kids or grandkids, but for little old me. When I discover a book that I absolutely love I buy two copies....one for my offspring and one for me. Selfish of me? Maybe but I cannot bear to part with the book once I have found it and it has found me. It knows it is coming to a good home where it will be housed with hundred of my other "best" books. My kid's book addiction still inspires me, ignites my creativity and still allows me the ability to dream. I so admire the gifts and talents of kid's authors and illustrators. Maybe I should create a t-shirt for myself with the caption,"Kid's Lit Forever" or design a mug for my coffee that states" "If mugged...take anything but my book!" My passion is kid's storybooks and I do not care who knows it. I think if we knew how many other adults out there that share this passion we would be astounded. Admit it....kid's books rule! Read on today with your kid's book held high in one hand and your lattee in the other!
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