Thursday, January 26, 2012

Reading game to explore

Want to play a reading game that involves the whole family? Get some blank cards and a marker and let's do it. List the members of your family on each separate card. List dad, mom, sibling's names, pet names, grandma, get the idea. When you hold each card up have your child give you three or four adjectives that describe that person such as funny, strong, happy, carefree etc. When you go over the family words again and your child stumbles with the pronunciation of it give her these descriptive adjectives about the person and see if she can recognize the word with the adjective's help. Remember always to give your child the word if he/she is unable to read it back to you. It will be a fun game not only to add sight words to your child's vocabulary but also to find out what an adjective is all about. An adjective is a describing word. Read on "beautiful" people.
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