Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Let's play for the sake of reading.....

Here's a fun little game you can play with your child that will increase his reading ability and speed. Try to make things you do with reading exciting and fun. Your child will play along and not even know that you are helping him with his reading. Much better than sitting down in the traditional way and having him dread the exercise of being still, almost being interrogated by the reading policeman and feeling very anxious and desperate about producing his reading skills.
First get something that will work as a blindfold for your child and you too if you take a turn once in a while. (You taking a turn actually gets you to read aloud to your child and that is a very, very, good thing). Next gather 8-10 picture books (or novels that interest your child) and place them in a stack. Put the blindfold on your child, shuffle the "deck" of books and place them in front of him. Have your child randomly pick one from the pack, take off his blindfold, pick a page and read you a paragraph or two from that page. Next person's turn: put blindfold on, shuffle books, pick a book, open to any page, read paragraph or two out loud to others. This is a fun, productive exercise that encourages your child to read out loud, you read to your child and everyone wins. Remember if your child has trouble with a word from his paragraph just lean over and give him the word. Do not have him puzzle, stammer and sound it out. Just give it to him and keep up the momentum of the game. Have a great time together. Games really keep the mind energized, excites the senses and they really have proven to be successful! Read on (but be sure to take your blindfold off first)
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