Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Sunday

Just getting organized for next week. I love all the research and reading that needs to be done to set up this blog each week. It keeps me active in the children's literature world and on top of good solid books to recommend to my readers. It is so important to take time to organize, think through and select great storybooks that will enhance and enrich your child's reading experiences. There are no limits to where books can take your child. Let's face it is way cheaper to buy a book about Hawaii to read to your child than to purchase a ticket there if you are unable to. Your child can be introduced to customs, culture, food, appearances, points of interest, industries etc. just by sitting down with an atlas and a book about the area. Never underestimate the power of books, the imaginations captured in a good story and ability to transfer the magic into the mind of your child. Reading is magic. Words exciting and stories the best. Read on this Sunday and forever.
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