Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A book for every occasion

A Book for Me
Greg Pincus

When what’s there on the page
Lets me feel someone’s rage,
Or the joy in the words
Makes me fly with the birds,
Or something I’ve read
Gets me out of my head,
Or the story on view
Helps me see something new,
Or the book sets me free...
It’s a book that’s for me.

Yes indeed, there is a book for every occasion of life. Be proactive in your book selection and stock up ahead of time when different events happen in your family's life. If your child is going to the hospital....there's a book for that. If your child is going on a trip across Canada/Europe/secluded islands....there are books/maps/pictures for that. If your child is attending a wedding, going to the dentist, learning to swim or classifying the animal world....yes, there are books for that. Children can have a pre-event experience par books. You can read the book to them regarding the up-coming happening and walk them through the language, emotions, actions and solutions that they might experience. Read the book again in the present when the occasion is actually happening and then compare and contrast. Finally, and the very best....use it for a post-event discussion and de-briefing. What just happened? What was the best part/worst part of experience for you? If you were in that situation what would you do? How did that little boys/girl behaviour affect you? How could you explain what just happened to daddy or grandma? (Re-telling is an awesome reading skill.) Books can alleviate anxiety and worry. Books can give your child knowledge and confidence. Books can even be a substitute for a real-time adventure. Praise books for what they really are....brilliant! Read on.
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