Thursday, February 9, 2012


Puppets seem to be a lost art these days. They are very special to children for a lot of reasons. "Fake" people can become friends, reading buddies, confidants. Have you thought of investing in a few puppets for your child to hang out with? If your child is experiencing difficulty with reading and you do not always have time to sit down, be still, and have your child read aloud to you, then puppets are just what you need. Your puppet "surrogate" can step right in, take your place and be the receiver of your child's reading time. While you are preparing dinner or some other necessity that causes separation from your child....this is the time to introduce your child's new friend. You don't always have to have super-duper store-bought puppets, they can be as simple as a puppet made out of a sock or a figure glued onto a popsicle stick. One thing that is fun is to cut out a photo of yourself, your partner, grandma, grandpa, a get the idea and paste that image on a popsicle stick for your child to simulate your presence. Be sure to keep your child's puppet in a safe and accessible place for use over and over again. Read on.
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