Tuesday, February 21, 2012

They call me....

The one-eyed wonder!

Had cataract surgery on my left eye last Thursday and am being referred to around my house as "Mom, the one-eyed wonder!" I am living in a maze of doctor appointments, eye drops three times a day (3 bottles), eye patch at night and glasses whose prescription is now wonky! After I go through all of this I get to do it all again with my right eye. I can see the colour white from my left eye so crystal clear. I haven't seen the purity of white for years. My right eye (still to be done) looks like it is a photo that is in sepia colour or has a tobacco-coloured wash over it. It is truly weird. Anyhow, I am not complaining, only very, very grateful that I live in a country where this surgery can be preformed at no cost to me with highly skilled doctors to oversee the procedure. When all is said and done think of the millions of books that I have yet to read and enjoy. If posting gets a little irregular you will know that it is related to my eyes. I appreciate my eyesight and need to adjust to this period in my life. Blessings. When my little grandson came to visit we made him a patch to match Grandma's and we went around the house using our pirate voices and looking at my parrotlets in their cage thinking we were very nasty pirates indeed. Read on.
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