Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy Friday to you.....

This is what we need to get across to our kids. Reading is fun! We need to instil not only the skill of reading but the love of it. On the weekends make a point to highlight the pure pleasure you get from reading a good book. Whether it is the pictures in the books that draw your kids into it, the rich text, the exercise of concentration and quietness that this activity brings....whatever....inspire your kids to read. Make sure there are newspapers, maps, books, an atlas, a dictionary, magazines, graphic novels...a HUGE variety of reading materials to chose from. Plunk some in the bathroom, beside the beds, in the family room, in the car/family vehicle....spread the book love around. Make books and reading a priority not just for your kids but for the whole family. Get motivated. Take a trip to the library or local bookstore. Buy some reading material. I worked in a children's book store and was so sad when kids would come in all excited and pumped up over the books and the parents would not buy them one. They would say to their kids, "No put it back...we're going to McDonald's next." If I had to chose between the two I would say buy your child the book! If you are taking your child into a book store be prepared to buy a book for them. Read together. Read on this weekend as a family. Blessings.
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