Thursday, March 8, 2012

Picking your friends

Picking your books is like picking your friends. You choose those that you want to hang out with. You choose some that are witty,some humorous, and always those that are fun to be with and some that you do not want to part with. Books are a very personal commodity. What one person likes another person may not like. Some people house their friends on shelves, some in cupboards, some on tables, some locked away in trunks or closets. Wherever you decide to keep your friends....the ones you always know their whereabouts and may often re-visit them to re-aquaint yourself and fire up your friendship again. One thing is never, ever forget how that friend influenced your life. Some people even if they outgrow a certain topic or genre find it hard to give away or tuck away that old friend. When kids leave their nest they love to take those beloved friends with them to share with their own kids. Go ahead. Befriend a good book. Covet it. Love it. Books are a forever love affair and will enrich your life immensely. Read on.

A Book for Me
Greg Pincus

When what’s there on the page
Lets me feel someone’s rage,
Or the joy in the words
Makes me fly with the birds,
Or something I’ve read
Gets me out of my head,
Or the story on view
Helps me see something new,
Or the book sets me free...
It’s a book that’s for me.
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