Saturday, March 17, 2012

Let the Games Begin....The Hunger Games that is!

I finished the trilogy of the "Hunger Games" many months ago. My daughter recommended them to me and I immediately was a fan. The books had been on the NY bestseller list for 100 weeks in a row. I am so in awe of an author that completely creates her own world, full of believable characters, an amazing plot and can't put down the book strategy. I borrowed the first book from Jena, loved it so much went out and bought my own copy plus the second one and then went online in the midst of number two, so I would not have a pause in the storyline, and ate up number three. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. The movie is coming out next weekend and theatres are already sold out. One movie theatre in the States has every theatre in the building screening the movie. All twenty theatres! They expect one hundred and fifty million dollars the first weekend. Good for Suzanne Collins. The Twilight phenomenon is almost over, as is Harry Potter so you know these massive crowds have read the books and are pumped and ready to see it light up the big screen. Can't wait to see it. These books are for teens/young adults reading pleasure but I highly, highly recommend them. Read on then go see those movies!
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