Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring housecleaning my brain

I have been planning the next few months for this Storywraps blog. It is so good to have a plan and not just post randomly. I had to houseclean my notebook, re-think old ideas and ponder on "possibilities." It is a great exercise to stop, regroup and then go forward. It is easy to just keep on keeping on with what you are doing but there are so many new, refreshing and creative ways to proceed. I am excited and so looking ahead to incredible children's books, drop-in author visits, must-see websites, tips/ideas for parents and teachers, wise quotes from notable people, and of course, one of my favourite things.....poetry.
Spring is a time for tune-ups, packing away the old stale stuff and emerging with new energy and vigour into the awesome world of kid's storybooks. Stay tuned as we catapult ourselves into the old/new world of fabulous children's literature and touch also upon some good adult reading to. I will guide you to books and concepts that will make the skill and love of reading in your child blossom, just as your garden is about to do now. A child planted in a garden of books will mature into a successful, well-read adult. Read on.
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