Monday, March 26, 2012

Shame really

While waiting for my doctor's appointment I saw the reading material that was available for kids and there was .....ZERO. Perhaps you should ask your doctor if you could donate some gently used books to his/her office for that purpose. If not books doctors should invest in a few kid's magazines to have on the reading rack while you wait with your kids. When my daughter had her second baby in January, the little hospital where she delivered, had a small box in the wall by the entrance that was a lending library. You could open the glass door and help yourself to any book inside and if you had books that you wanted to donate you were able to do that. What a brilliant idea! Books are to be available, accessible and most of all enjoyed in places where time stands still, out of your control and you are engaged in a waiting game. Parents equip yourselves to go to doctor/ dentist/hospital appointments armed with the greatest entertainment and silencer we have...a good book to read to your kids or some that your kids can read, by themselves, in silence! Read on.
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