Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Speaking of innovative, brilliant ideas with books.....

Ever heard of BookCrossings.com? This is a more than fabulous idea of freeing books to literally the whole world. If you go to their website they will explain how this happens in vivid detail. You can purchase labels, cards etc. to put inside your book from them, join their cause, buy a book and get going. You take your book with you, to the doctor's office, on your travels, to your local park, to the local theatre's washroom....(get very creative here) and just leave it laying around. Someone can pick it up, read it and then they are supposed to pass it on for another person's enjoyment.
You can go to the website and record the location where you found the book and document the info. It truly is a lot of fun and very brilliant. Some books have taken years to be found. Countries are listed with scores to see who is ahead in the free book exchange challenge. Why don't you take one of your gently loved books and give it a go. I have dropped many and as I set the book free I always pray that someone will be excited, pulled into the book exchange game and honest enough to keep that book going. It's kind of like a book version of the old chain letters we used to be involved in. Remember them? Check out Bookcrossings.com today and read on won't you?
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