Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New book review: "Noni Says No"

Canadian children’s writer Heather Hartt-Sussman is the author of Nana’s Getting Married (Tundra Books, February 2010) and Noni Says No (Tundra Books, February 2011). Here Comes Hortense (Tundra Books), the sequel to Nana’s Getting Married, will be released in April 2012. Hartt-Sussman began her writing career as a copywriter for BCP, a large advertising firm in Montreal, before moving to Los Angeles in 1991 for a career as a top entertainment journalist. She was host of The Gossip Show on E! Entertainment Television, a reporter and assistant international editor for the Hollywood Reporter, and editor-in-chief of international news for TV Guide in French Canada, where she also wrote the popular column Heather Hartt in Hollywood. Hartt-Sussman is a graduate of Brandeis University and is La Sorbonne-educated. Born in Montreal, she now lives in Toronto with her husband and two sons. You may think learning to say "no" is easy. After all we all know what we like and dislike. we all know what we want and do not want. However for some it is not that easy. You may be worried about hurting someones feelings by dissagreeing with them. You may feel you are not being a good friend by saying "no" However the only one who is being hurt is you. Unless you can stand up and say "no" you will have issues. Although this book is geared towards children I know many adults who will benefit from its message also. This book teaches children that you can still be a good friend by saying "no" You can have your own thoughts and opinions. Your friends like you for you. Not for always saying yes all the time to them. Definitely a book I am happy to share with all children at home and in the classroom. This book has been nominated for the Blue Spruce award. The Blue Spruce Awards program brings recently published Canadian children's picture books to Ontario children ages four to seven, from kindergarten to Grade 2. The program promotes reading for enjoyment and begins to develop the reader’s skill in evaluating a picture book based on story, text and pictures. Committees of public and school library practitioners carefully select the 10 nominated titles each year, and students must read a minimum of five of those books to be able to vote for their favourite. Voting is open from Sunday, April 1 to Monday, April 30. The official voting day is Monday, April 23 to acknowledge World Book and Copyright Day. There are many wonderful Canadian authors that need our support and need to be celebrated. If you are indeed a Canadian, the next time you purchase your child some books be sure to include a Canadian author. Who knows? It might be that very book that will spark the hidden author in your own child. Read on and have an excellent day everyone!
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