Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The gift of reading....

From early times parents encouraged their kids to read.  They instilled in them the importance of reading and receiving a good education.  The world was opened up the child to many a child by immersing him/her in a wonders of a  book.

Why even President Abraham Lincoln received his education in a humble homestead and was taught/self-taught at home.  He has been an inspiration for parents and children ever since.  A little backward guy, with a brilliant mind, able to become president of the United States of America with no formal education.
Unheard of at the time.

We as parents must catch this vision of the importance of reading and sew it into our kids. It is critical that we spend time modelling reading, reading aloud together while sharing the knowledge and pure joy that reading a good book can bring.  We are the only species on earth that can actually read the printed word for lengthy spans of time and make sense out of those squiggles.  It is sad when this gift is offered to us as a society and some choose not to accept it.  Pity really.

 Please find ways to get your whole family to read.  Have reading nights together,  play reading games while your travel,  cook together and read recipes, find out what your family members are passionate about and find books to support that passion.  Give books as gifts on special occasions ( any occasion will do, try it's Monday occasion.)   One important note is to have the male partner in your home read to your kids.  There is something magical when a dad reads the bedtime story or gathers the flock around him and shares the gift of reading to his kids.

Becomes a reading activist in your family.  Find ways to market the reading frenzy that you want to create and have fun doing it.  Make reading cakes,  purchase stickers with messages, buy posters for the kids rooms, take them to  reading fairs and libraries, read your world....get out there and do your part to make reading a success in your family.  There are many things to support this idea and here are a few samples to inspire you....

On your mark.....get set....go!  Make reading a reality, a very fun reality in your home.  Read on!
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