Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pooped little baby

Yesterday Abby ran herself ragged.  She has learned to climb up the back porch steps and guess what?  She does not know how to come down.  That is my job....her own personal elevator down.  She nibbled on grass, dug in the dirt, chased a butterfly and ran with her little ears flapping in the wind.  Her tongue was actually hanging out she was so excited.  She adores the outdoors.  She cannot explore it enough.  She is in every nook and cranny in the back yard but gets frightened when some stranger is walking his/her dog in the greenbelt and bigger dogs bark ferociously.  Here she is after a hard workout outdoors and a huge, huge, slurp of water (almost half of the bowl).

Awesome little girl....sleep tight Abby Rose!
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