Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Going on a treasure hunt...gonna catch a big one.....

All kids love a scavenger/treasure hunt.  Take a few minutes to sketch a map of your back yard or inside your house and then go around and place some "treasures" in hidden places for your child to find.  You can include:  stickers, candy, (dollar store items are great for this game) , sight words on cards etc.  Give your child a bag to "hunt" with and off he goes.  You can dress him up for the occasion with a pirate's outfit or  supply him with binoculars and a compass. This is a great time to give your child info and experience with "hunting gear."

  The treasure is, of course, the big "X" drawn n the map. What is the treasure you may ask?  It is a fabulous book that you have carefully wrapped up, hidden, and is ready to be discovered!  Your little one  will be soooooo excited and when the treasure has been revealed both of  you can sit down and share that treasure together.

  Perhaps along the route you carefully hid a bag of some chocolate gold coins .   Now is the perfect time to peel back that foil, curl up together and read.  Have fun and get your child excited over the printed word.  The treasure you give your child will be much better than will be a gift of reading that will last a lifetime.

  Another thing you could add would be inside the book, on the back cover, tape a looney or tooney so when you have completed reading the book your child will have a monetary award to add to his piggy bank....a double bounty (and blessing)....a good book and a golden coin to cherish...what more could a pirate ask for.

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