Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The right to read

  Every child should have the right to read.  Boy, girl, whatever... children need to be able to get an education.  We as parents must take responsibility and make that happen.  If your child is having difficulty find practical ways to get involved and help out.  Try approaching the teacher,  tutoring your child, spending extra time reading out loud to your child, finding creative ways to expose your child to written print that is fun and stress free.  As a parent we have an obligation to come along side our child and support her in the effort to become a lifelong reader.

  Don't be too concerned about what your child chooses to read (graphic novels, comic books, magazines, atlases, dictionaries.....wherever her/his interests lead) but make reading material available everywhere she turns.

*Model reading in your home.

*Play fun word games together as you go about your day.

* Read signs and symbols in your world as you are out and about.

  If you put the joy back into reading your child will want to read more and more because it is not forced on them.  Never, ever put your child down if they make a mistake and sprinkle each reading session with praise, hugs and laughter and patience.  You want your child to be a successful reader.  You want your child to read for life.  Help her to achieve that goal by being the best cheerleader ever and sew into her lives with  oodles of good books.

  Read on and be blessed.
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