Monday, May 7, 2012

Grandma....God bless gotta love her

Here is Grandma with a huge platter of cookies (that she had to re-make) because of a bad previous decision. Will it be enough to appease the family members? Knowing the way Grandma can bake up a storm I'm sure it will because.....
This was the tragic error that Grandma made prior to repenting and redeeming herself with a fresh batch of cookies.

 A Note for My Grandma (Left in her Kitchen)

 by Greg Pincus

Cookies are not safe near me:
Temptation is my foe.
I see a cookie? Eat, eat, eat!
I try to stop... but no.
My worry for poor cookies’ health
Is very real, and so...
Since cookies are not safe near me
That's why I ate your dough.

 Oops! We've all been there done that, in fact they have cookie dough ice cream, cookie dough power bars, cookie dough cookies so the temptation is real to many, many folks. There are a lot of Grandma's out there (yes Grandpa's, daughters, sons, kids too) that can identify with this Grandma and we all must totally forgive each other because cookie dough rocks! Especially if it is Rocky Road cookie dough!
Looks like Grandma had better be careful of eating too much cookie dough...oh well...she has much more to hug and love now.
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