Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sneak peek at family happenings

  Every once in a while I will sneak some personal reference showcasing my family antics.

  It gets pretty hectic around here with all our pets.  I sometimes feel like Mrs. Noah.  We have four little dogs (one a new little three month old named Abby Rose, featured in the picture).  Two cats reside in our home (one almost 22 years old.)  Oreo the elder is like the energizer bunny and just keeps on going.  I have two parrotlets in my kitchen that belong to me.  My oldest daughter breeds birds and her room is always aflutter with honking and tweeting as we anticipate new births to hand feed, raise and sell.  We have a family chameleon which we throughly enjoy. He is so cool with his long tongue darting out to catch his crickets and worms.  My youngest son has Russian Hamsters, a Chinese Water Dragon, a gecko and two little tropical fish.  My husband adores tropical fish too and has a few tanks full of them.  All in all our house is teaming with life and wonder as we nurture and discover these fabulous animals characters, habits and personalities.

  Our family has a lot of love to give and we all share in fun of raising our pets and keeping them healthy and happy.  Our backyard is active with birds, squirrels, a big old mother toad , some chipmunks and a wild bunny.  It seems that God knows that we love his creatures and sends them to us to enjoy.

  There are many books around our home with instructions or manuals to guide us in the proper care of our critters.  We subscribe to magazines and go online a lot to give us further information regarding their habits and care.  Each one of us have joined an online forum that relates to our individual pets and we share information to each other about our findings.  It is important to know what you are getting into when a pet comes to live in your home and how to properly give the care that that pet needs.  We deal with vets, groomers, go to  bird/fish/reptile shows and are all very happy and content with our Ark full of animals.

   If you have a pet or are thinking of getting one be sure to do your research before you receive that pet into your home. Find out lots of ways to gain knowledge about the constant upkeep it will take to keep your pet healthy and happy.  Pets become members of your family and bring much joy and contentment, not to add, laughter and delight when they become a household resident.  Read on today about your pets.
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