Thursday, June 28, 2012

Puppy Love

  My little puppy Abby Rose is at the veterinarian clinic today getting spayed.  I am amazed at how much I miss her and how much she has affected our lives in such a short time.  Her little attitude,  her sloppy kisses,  the way she sticks to me like velcro everywhere I go (even into the bathroom with me).  Oh my,  she makes my heart smile and makes me laugh out loud.  I adore her purity and join in as she sees the things in the world for the first time through her puppy eyes.  She has stolen the heart of everyone in our family and we are counting down until we get her back tomorrow.  Oh the hugs and kisses that will take place will be a sight to behold.  I have chosen this book to share because I am not the only....

The book shares my sentiments perfectly.

"I love...
the way you always care, 
the way you're always there.
That's the way I love you."

There is nothing sweeter than the love between a child and a cherished family dog.  The Way I Love You by David Bedford and Ann James is an adorable book that celebrates "puppy love."  From playtime to snacktime, bathtime to bedtime, the tender poem and charming charcoal and watercolor drawings perfectly illustrate the bond between a little girl in pink overalls and her beloved canine companion.  The Way I Love You is the perfect gift for the four-legged friend in your life.

"I love...
the way you understand,
the way you show me how,
the way we are right now.
That's the way I love you."

                                             Abby will be waiting for me to pick her up....

I will arrive early so she can get back to what she does best......

Play in my newly made garden with the stones/sticks/pinecones and

                                            Tear into life with gusto.....  Read on everyone!
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